External Services

The National Gene Vector Biorepository (NGVB) is an NIH/NHLBI funded resource that provides support for clinical gene therapy trials and pre-clinical research. The NGVB assists investigators in meeting FDA required testing including post-trial monitoring for replication competent virus and insertion site analysis. The NGVB will also store samples collected in pharmacology or toxicology studies under FDA GLP requirements. In addition, the NGVB will store clinical post-trial samples, final product reserves, and back-up master cell banks. For preclinical work, the NGVB maintains a reagent repository comprising cell lines, AAV plasmids, vectors and other items that can be searched on our website. Finally, they maintain an online pharm/tox database containing detailed summaries of gene therapy toxicology studies submitted to the FDA. If a study proves relevant to your clinical study, the NGVB can facilitate an FDA letter of cross reference. Go to for more information.