Executive Committee:
The EC is made up of one representative from each of the CTSAs of the founding institutions, in addition to key scientists, and is responsible for the overall management of the U01 grant.
John Adams, MD UCLA CTSA
Alessandra Biffi, MD BCH
James Heubi, MD CCHMC CTSA
Don Kohn, MD UCLA
Jose Cancelas, MD, PhD CCHMC
David S. Zielinski, PhD BCH CTSA
David Williams, MD BCH
Joint Steering Committee:
The JSC is made up of the three Principal Investigators (Reeves, Williams, and Kohn) and the chairs of the TTSC, RSC and USC.
Don Kohn, MD UCLA
Sung-Yun Pai, MD BCH
Jose Cancelas, MD, PhD CCHMC
Kit Shaw, PhD DFCI
David Williams, MD BCH
Scott Witting, PhD CCHMC
Translational Technology Steering Committee:
The TTSC will aid in reviewing applications for support.
Myriam Armant, PhD BCH
Carolyn Lutzko, PhD CCHMC
Jerome Ritz, MD DFCI
Kit Shaw, PhD DFCI
Scott Witting, PhD (Chair) CCHMC
Regulatory Steering Committee:
The RSC will manage the regulatory aspects of the grant and will aid in reviewing applications for support.
Colleen Dansereau BCH
Dawn Lowe-Gooden CCHMC
Kit Shaw, PhD (Chair) DFCI
Connie Jackson UCLA
Bill Swaney CCHMC
Cindy Williams BCH
Users’ Steering Committee:
The USC will include a representative of each project being supported by this U01 mechanism.
Project PIs
Sung-Yun Pai, MD (Chair) BCH